Online Roulette Betting Solution

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Online Roulette Betting Solution

Online Roulette Betting Options

This simple roulette game with many useful numbers in guessing does not determine the gambling player, it should be difficult to guess the numbers available because there are 10 betting solutions to cover all the numbers by a wheel that can be used, namely

SINGLE: A bet to take 1 number whoever you wish to be written as a payout of 1 in 35 as long as the ball stops at the number you choose for this bet
SPLIT: Bet on choosing two numbers by the roulette betting table. But it is important to note that the numbers that can be used are numbers that are located next to each other or directly next to each other. The pay ratio is 1 in 17
STREET: Bet for choosing three numbers like forming a road span. You are free to buy 3 consecutive numbers by the roulette betting table in a 1 in 11 payout
SQUARE or CORNER: Pretty cash by choosing a four-digit bet by the roulette table. This figure should be located close to each other and close together to form a square or square pattern that is meant. Betting payout is one in 8
DOUBLE STREET and SIX LINE: Basically, the bet is similar to street money but in doing it with an intensity of two x where you can take 6 digits of good money with the provisions of determining the number on the street bet. The payout ratio is 1 to 5
DOZEN: Money to buy twelve numbers or a dozen numbers exactly with the name of the bet. Stored 3 sets of dozen numbers are free to use with a total of one to 12, 13 to 24 for the second set, along with 25 to 36 for the third series. The fee for the bet is 1 in 2
COLUMN: Like a bet dozen to buy twelve numbers, in the column bet you take even 12 numbers but by the condition of the betting table which is arranged in a 3 x 12 model. You are free to take one of the 3 available columns at the same cost as a dozen namely one: 2
RED or BLACK: Betting is money to buy an alternative, red numbers or black numbers. In numbers 1-36 or since 36 numbers by roulette gambling are made since half the numbers are black with half the numbers are red which you are free to install. If you put red together with the roulette ball falling to number seven which is a red number, then you will bet the bet at a cost of 1 to 1
ODD or EVEN: Like red or black money, the betting is taking an even or odd number at a cost of 1: one too.
HIGH or LOW: With the last betting category in such a way as (([+ -] or even and red or black are bets for roulette individuals. Numbers 1 – 18 are included in the low category and numbers 19 – 36 are part of the high number. The payout ratio is 1 to 1

Online Roulette Gambling Tips

In gambling roulette up-to-date, your guarantee is that you install a recommended live web casino and have a license from the gambling commission, so you have no interest in starting to cheat because all gambling on trusted and quality sites has strict fair put on an act rules by upholding the above that attitude together with the presence of monitoring the incident.

When playing roulette, there are two groups of roulette that you are free to play, namely European roulette with 1 zero along with USA roulette with 2 zeros. The difference is, for example, you want your chances of winning to be bigger, so European roulette must be your choice to play because a bonus of 1 zero point on USA roulette wants to make your chances of losing at least a higher one. However, you can take that roulette category to play.

Prioritize your roulette betting to the betting category that pays beginners but has a great chance of winning like red black betting,: (even events, and high low. Money like a dozen with a column can still be considered for your winning money because it adds a good chance. .