Getting to Know the Types of Surveillance Vessels in Fisheries

Getting to Know the Types of Surveillance Vessels in Fisheries – Currently there will be many types of ships that can be used for various types of activities, the best for helping and very profitable.

As a maritime country, the existence of a fishing supervisory vessel is really needed by Indonesia. In accordance with the mandate in Law no. 45 of 2009 concerning Amendments to Law No. 31 of 2004 concerning Fisheries, fisheries supervisory vessels have an important task in the context of monitoring marine and fishery resources in the fisheries management area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia (WPP NRI). commit violations in the field of marine and fisheries.

Getting to Know the Types of Surveillance Vessels in Fisheries
The total area of ​​Indonesia is 7.81 million km2 which consists of 2.01 million km2 of land, 3.25 million km2 of ocean, and has a 2.55 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which contains a lot of state wealth, containing biodiversity (Biodiversity). Of course, this requires optimal monitoring both on land and in the vast ocean. The presence of surveillance vessels types of ships is a must for efforts to maintain the sovereignty of the maritime economy, fisheries supervisory vessels are the front line in protecting Indonesia’s marine and fishery wealth.
Until 2021, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has 30 fisheries supervisory vessels operated by the Directorate General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision. The thirty fishing supervisory vessels are spread throughout the WPP NRI, in their operations some are under central control, namely the Directorate of Monitoring and Fleet Operations and some are under the control of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Directorate General of PSDKP which are spread from Aceh to Papua.

Types and Types of Fishery Surveillance Vessels
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has fisheries supervisory vessels consisting of various types and types adapted to the size of the ship. The types and types are also adapted to the field of operation of each fishing supervisory vessel. These are the fisheries surveillance vessels owned by the Directorate General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia:

Type A . fishing surveillance vessel
A type A fishing supervisory vessel is a fishery surveillance vessel that has an LOA length of 60 meters, therefore this type of supervisory vessel is also known as a 60 meter type supervisory vessel. Type A surveillance vessels consist of orca type surveillance vessels.
The ORCA type A surveillance vessel currently consists of 4 units, namely KP Ocra 01 with hull number 6001, KP Orca 02 with hull number 6002, KP Orca 03 with hull number 6003 and KP Orca 04 with hull number 6004. KP. Orca is a type of Fast Patrol Boat, built in 2014 by PT. Main Radar Power, Jakarta. This ship has a cruising speed of up to 24 knots or 44.45 km per hour and a dead weight of 533 GT. With dimensions of 60 m x 8.20 m x 4.37 m, this ship was built using steel and aluminum for the hull.

This supervisory ship which can accommodate 24 crew members of the supervisory ship (AKP), is equipped with meeting rooms, lounge rooms and of course rooms for personnel. Not only that, the most important thing for patrol boats is the existence of communication tools, namely HF, VHF, Telsat, NBDP and Imarsat-C equipment as well as navigation tools in the form of Radar Arpha, GPS, Satnav and Echo Sounder. With 2 x 2560 HP main engine and 2 x 253 HP auxiliary engine.
This Type A supervisory vessel is operated directly under the control of the Directorate of fleet monitoring and operations, two ships are stationed in the western region to carry out surveillance in WPP 571, WPP 572, WPP 573, WPP 711, WPP712 and WPP713 namely KP. ORCA 02 and KP. Orca 03, while the other two are operated in the eastern region to supervise WPP 714, WPP 715, WPP 716, WPP 717 and WPP 718, namely KP. Orca 01 and KP. Orcas 04.

Type B perikanan fishing surveillance vessel
Type B fisheries surveillance vessel is a surveillance vessel with a length of 40 M consisting of a series/genius of Leopard Sharks and Whale Types. Type B surveillance vessels are operated directly under the control of the Directorate of fleet monitoring and operations.
The Leopard Shark type supervisory vessel is a supervisory vessel with a length of 40 meters, there are 2 units of this type of supervisory vessel, namely KP Leopard 01 with hull number 4201 and KP Leopard Shark 02 with hull number 4203. This series ship was built in 2011 by PT. Carita Boat Banten. The ship can accommodate 21 crew members with dimensions of 42.50 m x 7 m x 4 m and the hull uses steel and aluminum materials.