Here are Easy Smartphone Photography Tips

Here are Easy Smartphone Photography Tips – More and more people are now enjoying using cameras and taking good pictures of everything out there and capturing better pictures than usual.

The technological advancements possessed by smartphones today are not only limited to their benefits for exchanging communications to finding information. The reason is that smartphones are also equipped with sophistication cameras that you can use to take pictures with quality that is no less sophisticated than photo or video cameras that are commonly encountered.

Here are Easy Smartphone Photography Tips

1. Clean the camera lens
Cleaning the smartphone camera lens that will be used to take pictures is the first and simplest thing that most photographers forget. Even though this has a big impact on the photos terziphoto that will be produced. Several times, how come the picture looks blurry? Turns out you forgot the camera lens for you to wipe.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your smartphone camera lens to prevent unwanted scratches.

2. Prepare the image framing as creatively as possible
In order to produce an artistic image, setting the image framing first. To see if the framing settings are what you want; for iOS users, activate the “grid” in the “camera settings”. The grid will show an overlay of the image to be captured. Meanwhile, if you are an Android user, then select “settings”, then “app”, then “camera”, and “grid lines” to see the image overlay.

In addition to producing a more beautiful image, framing serves to minimize the taking of other objects in the image that you don’t want.

3. Pay attention to the lighting or light source
If the image you are going to shoot has a low light source, avoid using a flash light because it will make your image far from artistic. Also avoid using light from only one source. The solution, use natural light sources such as sunlight. Or if you want to use another artificial light, use a light source to candlelight but not only from 1 light source.

Then what about night photography? Lucky for you, the Vivo V21 has a multi-frame noise reduction feature so that the resulting photo will remain clear and sharp even though the image is taken at night.

4. Use a tripod
Another technical tip that you can apply to produce great photos even if you only use a smartphone is to use a tripod if you can’t keep your body ‘steady’ when shooting. Do not let the camera settings are okay, interesting objects are already there, but the resulting image is blurry just because your hands are shaking.

5. Editing!
Editing is needed to make photos that are taken more attractive and sharp. But remember, don’t over-edit photos.